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"Book Marketing: Doing Only What Works for You"

Meet Pathfinder, author Cheryl Bannerman, a Path To Publishing literary consulting client.

On Cheryl's very first consulting call with us, she wanted information about marketing her book. We optimized the time by sharing with her as many ideas, strategies, systems, and resources as time allowed based on the information she’d provided us prior to the call.

Once we worked with Cheryl and learned more about her needs, wants, visions, and goals, we were able to spit out the bones and chew on the meat. In other words, when it comes to book marketing, there is a fat list of things you can do. But when you are transparent and honest about what you are willing and not willing to do, your literary consultant is able to help you trim the fat from that list--again, just leaving the good ole nourishing meat that's going to help you grow.

Cheryl is proof that you don't have to do everything--every idea, option, and opportunity . . . or everything someone else is doing--when it comes to marketing your book. You just have to do what works . . . for you.

Do what lines up with your literary dreams, visions, and goals as well as your spirit, not to mention what you have the time and money for. And even if you do try a little bit of everything, ultimately, again, stick to doing only what works for you.

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