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There is NO REFUND on ticket sales. Tickets are transferable.

Turning Problems Into Profits Workshop
Turning Problems Into Profits Workshop

Time is TBD


Location is TBD

Turning Problems Into Profits Workshop

An 8-hour, hands-on, interactive workshop designed to help participants find and prepare to launch a viable business based on a problem they already know how to solve.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About The Event



To be determined. If we get 20 signups but they're not in one location, we'll host it virtually. If we have 20 signups in your city, we'll come to you.


Date & Time 

TBD. Based On the host city.


Brandy M. Miller/Path To Publishing


Hour 1: Registration & Sign-In Networking Hour 

Start networking as we prepare to begin the workshop.

Hour 2: The Right Problem 

How to find the right problem, understand the value of its solution, discover who needs that solution most, who else is solving that problem, and where the gaps are in the marketplace where there's room for you

Hour 3: The Right Solution 

Create a roadmap leading from where your ideal customers are to where they want to be, choose the perfect packaging to speak to their needs, and develop a plan to consistently deliver the solution and packaging.

Hour 4: The Right Offer 

Connecting with the right audience, uncovering what they need to hear from you to understand the value of your solution, and putting together an offer to meet their unique needs

Hour 5: Pitch Practice Luncheon 

Break into groups for lunch and practice your pitches as you share your offers

Hour 6: Marketing & Sales Basics 

What marketing is...and what it isn't. How to do SALES the right way. Conquering the money guilt so you can charge what you're worth with confidence.

 Hour 7: Preparing to Deliver 

Setting up the delivery system. Following up with customers after the delivery for feedback to improve and getting reviews to build your credibility.  Handling critics, rejections, naysayers, and business problems effectively.

 Hour 8: Scaling for Growth 

Adapting the roadmap to create more opportunities. Developing disciples and why that matters. Handling profits: how and where to invest to continue growing your success.

Bring This Workshop To Your Church, Group, Business, or City 

Excited about the content? Know people it could help? Sponsor 20 seats and we'll deliver a customized version for your church, group, business, or city with your brand colors and logo. 


  • Basic Admission

    Includes admission for one. Book, Workbook, Tote Bag, and Pen are included.

  • VIP Admission

    Includes admission for one plus the book, workbook, tote, pen, and a t-shirt. Enjoy lunch at the author's table and a follow-up coaching session.

  • Sponsorship

    We'll come to your location (cost of venue is not included). All materials will be produced with your branding and logos. For you and up to 19 guests.

  • VIP Sponsorship

    For you and up to 19 guests at the location of your choosing (price of venue is not included). All materials to be branded with your color and logos. Will include one group coaching session for attendees after the event is over.




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